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Website Validity
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How do you know a website is a reliable source of information?

Website Validity Checklist

The site is professional.

  • Anyone can create a webpage. So check to see is the website a professional site. Professional sites include: .gov/.org/.mil/.museum/.aero

Website has an author.

  • Is it clear who has written the information? Check to see if the author of the website is qualified. Credentials should prove the author's knowledge and experience on the subject of the website (Ph.D/ Dr.).

Information must be credible and error free.

  • Scan the website and check information on website with other scholarly sources. If the information cannot be produced elsewhere it is most likely uncredible.

Site is published and copyrighted.

  • Look on the webpage to see if website has a sponsor. The sponsor of the webpage must be reputable or put out by a known scholarly company (Time Magazine and Mc-Graw Hill).

Links to other sites verify the same information.

  • Check out a couple of the links on the webpage. View these other sites. Information between main site and sites provided through links should be the same.


  • Search the website for references and links that reflect the quality and amount of research put into work.

Relevant topics

  • Topics discussed on website should be relevant to what website is about. The aims of the website should be clear. Search the site to see if the site fulfills its aims about its topic.

Information is unbiased.

  • Are there advertisements on the page? The website should show a minimum of bias. As you read the website ask yourself "Is the author trying to sway my opinion?" If so, the website may be a form of advertisment, not reliable information.

Website must be current.

  • When was the site produced? Check to see when the webpage was published or when it was last updated. The date or latest update should be current.


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